Refund Policy

We understand that there are high chances that a paper may not be prepared right for the first time, and the customer would want revisions on it. For this particular purpose, Essay Camp provides unlimited revisions to thecustomerso that they can get the paper amended as per their preference and satisfaction.

At times, it can happen that even after several revisions, the customer is not happy with the paper and would want a refund on it. For this, we recommend that you go through our refund policy in detail.

A customer has 48 hours after receiving the paper to start revision. We strongly urge our customer to go through the paper, once they receive it so they can ask for immediate revisions before their submission date at the university. Moreover, if the customer is still not happy with the paper, he must talk to our customer support representative and put in a request for are fund.

Refund Process

Once the request is put in, the customer support representative would ask the reason behind the refund request. There are 2 factors that are considered when refund request is put in:

  • If the deadline is still not reached, the customer will be assigned a new writer to work on his essay.
  • If the customer is persistent on getting a refund, the support representative will initiate the refund process accordingly.

It should be noted that Essay Camp holds the sole right to reject any refund request, based on any reason they find is inappropriate. It is important that the customer contacts Essay Camp first for refund issues than going to a third party. Any such action would reject the refund request completely.