Privacy Policy

Essay Camp strongly recommends its client to read the privacy policy before placing an order with us. By reading our privacy policy, you are acknowledging that you agree with our policies and have no issues with any of it whatsoever.

Our privacy policy mainly comprises of two parts which are information on the data we collect from your browser on our site and the personal details that you provide us.

Data Collection

Whenever you visit Essay Camp, cookies are placed in your web browser to monitor your activity on the site. The main purpose of this is to improve your user experience and make the site user-friendly for you. We collect data of your activity so that we can work on improving those specific areas that are causing any kind of issue for you.

You have the option to disable the cookies at any time you want through your browser’s settings. However, we recommend not doing so as after that you will not be able to use some of the functions of the site in a normal manner.

Personal Information

In order to place an order with us, we require your personal information. The kind of information required is a name, contact number, email address, and payment details. The two main reasons for taking this information are for your order placement, and that your order is not mixed with another customer’s order. We get similar topics orders from different customers, which is why it becomes significant to separate them with the customers’ personal details.

Moreover, we do not reveal your personal information to third parties, under any circumstances. We strongly believe that when customers are giving their personal details to us, they are trusting us and we should never break that trust. The only time your email address will be used, other than sending your orders, is to update you about our policy changes and discount offers.