Tips on How to Write Best Argumentative Assignment
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Tips on How to Write Best Argumentative Assignment

In the academic world, it is crucial for every student to learn the necessary skillset to write flawless essays. Acquiring this skillset is a journey of trials and errors, which takes sufficient valuable time of students. We have gathered tips and tricks from a group of well-known writers and linguistic experts to share with you.

Once you have acquired and mastered the skills through practicing over the years, you will be able to write argumentative essays effortlessly. It is not rocket science – practice is vital to enhance your capabilities as a professional academic writer.

Not just that, the main focus of this article is to equip you with the skills that allow you to define your thoughts and express your arguments with clarity and precision. You will be able to describe profound and personal opinions and support them with relevant facts and figures and reach a set conclusion coherently.

In this article, we will share the skills that will not only help you write stellar argumentative essays but also help you in editing custom papers and writing research papers among other things.

Top Secret Argumentative Essay Tips and Tricks

Top Secret Argumentative Essay Tips and Tricks

Choose an argumentative or an issue-based topic

It is a no-brainer – argumentative essays require argumentative topics. You must make sure that you pick the topics that include common interests. Whatever your subject is, you just need to make sure you choose the subjects that are arguing, require ample research and supporting facts and figures.

Introductory part with an astonishing quote or a surprising fact

Most often, beginner writers neglect one of the most important factors that makes a good argumentative essay; an appealing introductory part. It is important to present your introductory part with a surprising fact or a relevant statistic. This will inspire and create great engagement with your reader.

Write your thesis statement after presenting your introductory section, which must be insightful as it will be the only statement that will be discussed later in the body paragraphs. Writing thesis statements can be daunting. However, practicing thesis statement with the help of online sources can help.

Coherence and flow of your writing style

An engaging writing style is as important as your writing content, you need to make your essay looks attractive. If you fail to make your essays interesting, then the readers can get bored easily and may not be able to comprehend the ideas presented in your essay. Proving a point with insightful facts and figures is key in a strong argumentative essay.

Get help from friends who are knowledgeable about your topic

If you do not have the required expertise on the subject, you can ask a friend with ample knowledge and information about the particular topic. They can help find any loopholes in your arguments. This would leave no chance for any inadequacy in your arguments.

You can also search about your topic on internet, but make sure you don’t copy and write the material as is. Plagiarised content is considered a sin in the academic world.

Set conclusions to your arguments

It doesn’t matter how compelling your arguments are, if your strong arguments don’t end with a definite conclusion, your essay will be of poor quality in your reader’s eyes. To conclude, you can also write fascinating quotes and statistics to further amplify and strengthen your conclusion.

Step on step process to a successful argumentative essay

Step on step process to a successful argumentative essay

Steps for choosing best topics

What should be your next move forward? That is the key question you must answer. You can choose between arts, mathematics, sciences and social sciences. You should discover what you’re interested in, and then get on broad to understanding and present the subject.

Focus on Thesis Statement

Focus on Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is quite salient for a successful essay. What is a thesis statement? It simply requires you to compose briefly the main idea of your essay. Thesis is something that establishes the path around which your whole essay will revolve around. The path not only directs the writers but also the readers. As thesis statements represent an essential part of an essay. Writers need to learn how to develop a robust thesis statement. A thesis comprises three strong components which a writer must add to their statement of thesis. Audience, reason and material are the three components. Such basic components are further elaborated as; who are you writing this essay for? You must clarify your reasons to the readers. Establish a justification of why the thesis statement is being written. What will this essay cover? Clarify what material will be included in your thesis. If your thesis statement revolves around these three components then not only the reader will know the direction of the essay, but also yourself.

Organising your arguments

After evaluating the thesis statement, you should focus on finding material for an argumentative outline. You can use web sources or ask a friend who is well-versed about your particular subject. You can also explain your own opinion which has already been claimed in the thesis statement. After researching your points and formulating the shape of your arguments, you should research for the facts and figures which confirm your arguments or contradict them.

A set conclusion

The final step is to compose a strong conclusion. This is the most valuable part of an argumentative essay. To conclude your essay, you should offer an optimistic approach to all the issues and arguments discussed in the upper paragraphs. Unlike other essays, you can add your personal ideas in the conclusion of an argumentative essay. Adding your ideas have sheer importance as it is your research work in which your personal opinion is considered paramount. One thing to consider, you must not go against the arguments which you supported in the upper paragraphs and be coherent.

Final Thoughts

University Life can be extremely frightening, with all the new concepts being thrown at you. It’s a totally new way of life and to cop up with it can be very different. As writing is a very important part of your academic years, it is crucial that you practice writing and further evaluate your research studies.

In addition to all the tips shared above for an argumentative essay, you need to ensure that your relevant ideas are gathered from credible sources. You can also get guidance from your professors, do not hesitate to get any support from them; for it is for your own good. Practice makes the writing great, continue learning and keep improving. If you need further guidance, you may contact law essay writing services in the UK to help you achieve your writing goals.

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